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Round The Clock International Connectivity & Mobility

You may send and receive text messages to 013 & 019 numbers, users of other local network operators and selected international network operators. To activate your SMS account, simply follow these steps:
Key in the SMS Centre number +60132400000 (for 013 & 019) and press OK / YES / SAVE

• The commands used to activate SMS may differ for some mobile phones. For more details,
  customers should refer to their mobile phone manual.
This service allows you to make calls to any country in the world using your mobile phone.
To make IDD calls :
• Dial ‘+’ or ‘00’ followed by the Company Code then Area Code and lastly the  telephone number.

  e.g. To make an IDD call to Delhi, India, key in:   +91 11 2222 3333 or 0091 11 2222 3333