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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the questions our customers ask us the most on the Merchantrade Prepaid Mobile Services.

1. Where can I buy a Merchantrade SIM?

Merchnatrade branches nationwide, Call shops & Telecommunication shops

2. Where can I buy a Merchantrade Top-Up Card?

Available nationwide – Call shops, Telecommunication shops, Restaurants, convenience stores, petrol stations and also on all the e-pay terminals& Seven Eleven.

3. How do I check the balance in my account?

After end of each call, you will receive a SMS Balance notification. However you can still check the balance by following one of the steps using your mobile:
Method 1
Press *124# and press “SEND” button

Method 2
Type SMS as “BAL” and send to 2888

Method 3
Dial 1930 or 0193000910 and press 1.

4. How do I top up my Merchantrade Card?

To top up, simply purchase a Merchantrade Top Up Card from any authorised dealers. Our Top Up Cards are available in $10 and $30 denominations. The top up procedure is as follows:
Method 1
Press *122# your recharge PIN and press “SEND” button

Method 2
Type SMS as “REC<space>16 digit recharge PIN” and send to 2888

Method 3
Dial 1930 or 0193000910 and press 2 and follow the instruction.

5. Can I make emergency calls to 999 and 991 when there is zero value left in my Merchantrade card?

Yes, you can still make calls to 999, 991 even though there is zero value in your Merchantrade card.

6. Is there any hotline available for Merchantrade user?

Yes, you can call our care line at 1900 for assistance Or Call 03 77288707 to speak to a Customer Service Operator. 24/7

7. Is there an expiry date on my Merchantrade SIM or Top Up card?

Yes, the expiry date is printed on every Sim card . Top Up cards also have an expiry date printed on the back of the card. The card is not valid and cannot be used after the expiry.

8. What happens if I send an SMS and my recipient's mobile phone is switched off?

Once you send an SMS, the charges will be deducted from your card and the SMS will be processed. We will attempt to send the SMS for over 24 hours. If your recipient is still unreachable, the SMS charges still apply.

9. Do I need to configure my SMS Centre number in order to send SMS from my Merchantrade Card?

Yes, you need to configure your mobile phone to a dedicated SMS Centre, +60132400000, which is only for Merchantrade SMS.

10. All overseas mobiles, as long as the other party network is able to receive the message.

You may send SMS from Merchantrade to the following:
- All Merchantrade mobile & other mobile subscribers in Malaysia &
- All Oversea mobiles, as long as the other party network is able to receive the message.

11. What if I try to send an SMS but my balance is insufficient?

If your Merchantrade Card balance is insufficient when you send an SMS, you will receive a return message informing you so, on your mobile phone. You will need to send your SMS again after you have topped up your Merchantrade Card.

12. Do I need to subscribe for SMS/Messaging?

There is no registration or monthly subscription fees for SMS. Charges are based on total number of messages sent successfully.

13. How will I be charged for picture messaging? (sending from mobile phone to another mobile phone)

Each picture message can consist of 2 or more short messages. Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your Merchantrade Card before you send a picture message to another mobile phone user. Charges are based on the total number of SMS sent successfully.

14. Can I perform a top-up at any time of the day?

Yes, you can top-up at any time of the day using Merchantrade Top Up cards

15. Can I retain my old Merchantrade mobile phone number when I buy a new Merchantrade SIM?

You can only retain your Merchantrade mobile phone number when your existing SIM is Faulty or Lost. If you buy a new SIM/Starter Pack, it will come with a new pre-activated unique mobile phone number.

16. Where can I download ring-tones/logos/picture messaging?

You can download them from if you are accessing from your mobile phone. Note that this service is applicable only for phones that support downloads, eg. Nokia.

17. What are the charges for downloading ring tones/logos/picture messaging/ Call-Me-Tones?

No registration or monthly fees are required (except for Call-Me-Tone) in order to use this service. Users will be charged each time they download a chargeable item. The cost of downloads are listed in the website.